Mátyás Jillek

Jilek Mátyás_moderátor
I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Technical Management at Centria University of Applied Sciences and for my Master’s degree in Marketing I am currently enrolled at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs. I have been managing my own business for four years that provides technical and musical wedding services, including the mastering of ceremonies and moderation. During my studies at home, I had the opportunity to return to Finland where I was able to further develop my innovative and business skills in an international startup project. I have been participating in the incubation program of the University of Pécs where I have the possibility to gain valuable knowledge and first-hand experiences of the startup world. With my team we had the chance to travel to Prague for the Central European round of the  L’oreal Brandstorm innovation contest where we won first place with our idea and its presentation.
Aside from my studies, I am also working for Lafarge Cement Factory and Alexandra Publishing as an external marketing advisor, while innovative ideas, market gaps and upcoming startup businesses remain at the centre of my attention and interests.
Petra Rácz-Putzer

As a marketer I have a constant desire for discovery of new things and self-development. That is why I am a mentor and trainer (not just an assistant professor) and that is why I fell in love with the creative and abounding atmosphere provided by Simonyi BEDC. It is a labour of love for me to develop the motivated students’ skills and knowledge either by class or by other forums, platforms. Therefore I am very proud of my award of the most innovative marketing course of the 2017/2018 academic year at EMOK’s teaching methodology competition. “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney.

Éva Kovács

I am leading a university-level program about media production as senior lecturer at the University of Pécs, Information Technology Department. I spent more than 20 years in media as professional journalist, editor in chief and later as media company owner, that’s my main scientific area is business communication, media utilization, media technology, digital media, model development, mentoring.

Dániel Orosz

As an innovation manager of the University of Pécs my main task is the business-oriented support of intellectual products created at the University. During my work, I had the pleasure of starting several health and engineering related interdisciplinary projects through success. My narrower fields of expertise are marketing and sales strategy creation, demand estimation and risk exploration.

Éva Dóró

Already during my studies, I saw the future in the cooperation of universities and the corporate sector. Seeking for such opportunities, I’ve got to work as a research biologist first in England, and then received a Marie Curie Ph.D. fellowship to the Netherlands. During past hackathon events, both as a participant and mentor, I have experienced how inspirational and innovative it can be when young people coming from different fields of expertise are brainstorming and solving problems together. As the winner of EHMAthon 2018 hackathon, I am currently working with my international team to turn our idea into a start-up. With my experiences, I would like to motivate and mentor local talents and enthusiastic students to develop and implement their ideas.

József L. Szentpéteri

In National Geographic, I was honored to publish a feature story as a twenty-five years old, even though, I never learned photography or journalism at school. As a consequence, few years later I could work with such great idols as Sir David Attenborough or Jane Goodall. So far I have received salaries for more than 10 distinct activities, for which I gained the knowledge I needed during self-training and mentoring. I can assure that successful lifestyle, positive thinking can be learned and accomplished. There is no chance to pay back everything what my mentors have done for me – they do not even expect it. The only way I’m pursuing their mission.

Máté Deák
As a lecturer of the Faculty of Humanities and as the Head of the Faculty’s Office
of Foreign Affairs, Innovation and Grants I soon noticed that there is a  significant potential in the ideas of students studying at the Faculty of  Humanities or already graduated from there. I pay particular attention to support them and transferring their ideas and knowledge to business. It is not only within the frame of the University that I am taking care of developments, but communities and small settlements also matters to me. I support the marketing of local products
and services. I believe that knowledge creativity and local talent can make value and success.
István Herbály

István Herbály is the managing director of RG-Net Ltd. which specializes in hardware and software development to meet special needs. The pioneer company of industry 4.0 solutions has been making innovative, productivity-enhancing developments for more and more engineering and industrial companies in the past few years.

János Keresnyei

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Márton Kis

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Péter Kristóf
CEO and co-founder of, a specialized boutique advisory firm focusing on the transformation of businesses, institutions and startups by providing hands-on insights into exponential technologies and disruptive innovation. Furthermore, he is CEE Ambassador at ExO Works, a digital transformation ecosystem.
He is a seasoned advisor, lecturer and conference speaker and specialist in disruptive innovation, exponential technologies and industry4.0, having several digital transformation projects with a PhD and a Harvard degree under his belt.
Dávid Kovács

The 3 of us moved into a flat-office near Arany Janos square at the beginning of 2012 june. 7 years passed by and we are almost 100. In the first few years we didn’t really recognize our culture and its strength but then slowly it started to grow up. It caused some of the happiest and most challenging moments in our life. That’s why our favourite quote is: Culture eats strategy for breakfast!

Balázs Fröhlich

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András Bencsik

Entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in building up companies from scratch. Ex-banker, who passed all levels of the CFA examinations. Co-founded Antavo Limited, an IT start-up proudly serving companies, such as Luisa Via Roma, Björn Borg or Toys”R”Us. Currently Head of Business Development at APPERCELL Biotech Kft., a venture-backed biotechnology start-up. Strongly result-oriented and data-driven.

Prof. Péter Bogner
He is a university professor, director of the Radiology Clinic at the University of Pécs, and a dean’s strategic advisor to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pécs.
Previously, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Pécs Diagnostic Center for several years. He is the founder and currently the strategic director of Iconomix Ltd., which has a leading role in the Hungarian teleradiology diagnostics.
Dr. György Lustyik
The leading researcher György Lustyik PhD was previously known as the leader of Soft Flow Hungary Ltd. (SFH), founded in 1992. He also taught at several universities. Until his retirement he was deputy director of the University of Pécs Medical School, Department of Biophysics.
SFH has gained international recognition with the development of scientific software and food safety kits. After selling his share in SFH, he has been working as a voluntary chamber member.
Péter Blazsevácz
Innovation – the answer for the challenges of the healthcare system.
I had the fortune to spend some years at the head office of one of the leading healthcare company, so during some of our international projects I got some insight about the healthcare system of different countries, the issues they are facing with, and also how healthcare research and development activities are searching for solutions.
The challenges seems to be different country by country, but at the end the roots are very much the same; how to design a sustainable healthcare system around the available sources of the given country and how to prolong healthy life expectancy. The key question is what the healthcare system, what the patient and what the technology can do for it.
Attila Sik

Attila Sik is the director of the Institute of Transdisciplinary Discoveries, (Medical School, University of Pecs). He is involved in the innovation process at the University by linking various disciplines. He is an active neurobiologist, received an MBA degree from the Warwick Business School (UK), and diploma from the Institute of Directors (London, UK) in company direction. He is teaching neurobiology and management abroad (i.e. China, UK).

István Pál
OTP, Deputy Managing Director, South Transdanubian Region
With the leadership of the credit institution, he strives for OTP to take the lead in the development and application of state-of-the-art technologies. Due to this work and continuous innovation, the bank has become the market leader in Hungary for the users of alternative channels. There are more than one million internet bankers and more than 250,000 mobile banking users. They make their products and services digitally available, and their bank branches are constantly being developed in the spirit of digitization.
Developments help millions of customers make their banking transactions comfortable, fast and secure in the online domain as well.