In March ( 20-23.) the University ’s Institute of Transdisciplinary Discoveries organises again the Brain Awareness Week, where exciting panel discussions and entertaining programs provide a little insight into the scientific world’s  „backstage” area.

Wednesday, 20 March 6 p.m. Reggeli –  What will the future bring? (Artificial Intelligence)
Are you interested in the occuring questions in the field of ethic, law, psychology or technology in connection with the artificial intelligence? Where are the progresses  heading now?  Can we give feelings to a robot? Will robots take away our workplaces?  Is it imaginable to become a friend with robot in the future? 🙂

Thursday, 21 March 6 p.m. Reggeli –  Everlasting shock experience

During our lifetime, we can experience painful, sometimes unforgettable traumas( car accident, loved one person’s passing etc.). On the contrary, life is able to bring grandiose joy in weekdays(lottery prize,fame came so suddenly etc.). Are we able to treat these not so ordinary feelings?  Can it be positive and negative in the same time?

Friday,22 March 6 p.m. Reggeli-  Dark plans: the deepest thoughts of a criminal mind

We are going to examine the criminal mind with the assistance of a clinical psyhologist,a detective and with an expert coming from Adult Correctional Institution . They are going to bring concrete cases, personal experiences and observations. It is guaranteed that the criminal mind will be dissected by our thrilling discussion. Brrr…

Saturday,23 March Reggeli-Nappali

In the context of a diverse family day, everybody is welcomed,who  would like to be up-to-date  in the topic of brain researches. During our all-day event, we keep  the tiniest children  in our minds , so logic and creative exercises and  games for small prizes will be provided for them.  Their parents  are invited to join  informal discussions in the following topics:

10:00-11:00 Attachment parenting
11:00-12:00 How the women’s and men’s  role changes after a baby was born
13:00-14:00 Male brain vs Famale brain (similarities,differences)
14:00-15:00 The yoga and the brain

On the ground, high school students from Pécs are going to create teams and work on a project called gimiChallenge (Is the intelligence artifical?), then the teams are going to present their thoughts about the artifical intelligence to the jury.

What it is, exactly?

Earlier before this occasion,the students have to make 6×4 teams and do the registration  on the web. Our Institute is going to send them  a separate issue;a problem , on which they can start thinking, moreover interesting articles;videos are going to be shared with them. Furthermore, we try to help with a panel discussion in order to get more knowledge about the topic. ( It will be almost the same as on Wednesday at 6 p.m. , but this is only for secondary school students.) On Saturday (23. March) , the teams will obtain the concrete task in the Reggeli(the place,where the whole competition will be held). It is imaginable, after they had known the task, they have to re-think everything. How  does this competition look like? The teams can work on the challenge from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then they have to present (it can be a small video or prototype) their solutions to the jury. It is important to emphasize that the solutions should be contained every aspects of life (advantages, disadvantages, impacts on the society etc.).

It is worthwhile to make the best of yourselves, as beside the unforgettable memories, precious prizes are waiting for the winners.

To participate in the discourses (20-23 March) it is obligatory to do the registration because the seats are limited!

Here, you can do the registration:

The Privacy Notice for registration (in Hungarian): click

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