Pernyéz Zsuzsanna

    Organization developer, business coach, trainer

    As an organization development economist, during my professional activities so far, I have gained diverse experience in how to operate efficiently both individually and as an organization. After years spent in middle and senior management positions in the business and municipal spheres, my attention was increasingly focused on solving social and related personal problems. For 15 years, I have been involved in the development and implementation of complex labor market and social reintegration programs, at the local and national level. Since then, I have also been dealing with business development and organizational development. I currently run my own company, Human Innovation Group Kft., and LIFT Consulting Szervezetfejlesztő Kft., which are themselves classic SMEs with 20 employees. In this work, I myself experience the uplifting and dark sides of leadership, management and organization building. As a coach, I have been working successfully for many years with senior managers, company owners, and middle managers with executive coaching tools (including several startups), as well as with groups (workshops, team coaching, training) and young people in the context of career coaching. My approach is person-centered, in my work I also treat organizations as living organisms. My work methods are based on involvement, strengthening of internal motivation, and optimal use of one's own resources. I use the latest organizational development tools and techniques, I also place great emphasis on my own development, innovation is my essence. My strengths: situation awareness, sense of purpose, understanding and creating synergies, efficient use of time, solution-focused thinking, high degree of flexibility, creativity.