EIT Health offers the first pan-European crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to the health sector.


Crowdfunding gathers many small investments into one large pool of funds to support a good idea. Through cross-border equity crowdfunding, the EIT Health Crowdfunding platform can provide promising start-ups and SMEs with much-needed investment while allowing Europeans to benefit from the success of these companies.

For small and start-up companies, it serves as an independent launch pad for campaigns to raise up to €10 million.

Created in partnership with crowdfunding experts, the platform gives investors access to best-in-class innovative healthcare companies. The platform also conducts targeted outreach to potential investors among medical professionals, who can appreciate the value of the innovations being supported.

Is it for me?

The EIT Health Crowdfunding platform is open to excellent EU start-ups or scale-ups working in medtech, biotech and digital health. They can be seeking funding of between €500,000 and €10 million.

The journey

Start-ups seeking funding apply through a digital submission tool. The Investment Committee provides feedback on all submissions, generally within ten days. Applicants that are not accepted at this stage receive feedback that they can use to create a new submission and reapply.

Applicants that pass the initial review are invited to pitch in front of the Crowdfunding Platform’s Head of Investment, and to undergo a process of due diligence. Where a start-up is accepted for support, submits a full financial prospectus and launches a digital pan-European financing campaign.

The application process

Start-ups seeking support can apply here.

Investors find out more here.