[November 3rd]

Innovation Days (i-Days) promote health innovation among university students through one-to-two-day programmes held at academic institutions around Europe. Students receive an introduction to practical health innovation tools and work in multidisciplinary teams to tackle real life health challenges posed by EIT Health projects, local organisations and private corporations. Successful teams will receive resources to develop their ideas, and students from the regions EIT Health serves will be encouraged to get involved with our network.

Innovation Days are accessible to all undergraduate and postgraduate students with an interest in healthcare innovation. Between 25th September and 25th November 2020 , partners from 6 EIT Health Co-Location Centres and 13 RIS Hubs will host their own i-Days at 34 locations around Europe, online and in-person.

These events include inspirational speakers and coaches who will introduce students to practical tools in innovation, design thinking and pitching ideas. Challenges sourced from EIT Health projects, local CLCs, and other relevant organisations, will be presented to students along with some introductory information. Students form multidisciplinary teams and spend the day guided by facilitators and expert citizens in striving to create solutions to these real life healthcare challenges. Teams pitch their ideas and are judged by a panel of experts, who use standardised scoring criteria to award prizes to the best teams. Winning i-Day teams will then be invited to a Winners Event, where they meet peers from all participating i-Day universities.

Where and when will the Innovation Days be held in 2020?

This year the I-Days will be held online on November 3, 2020. To register please click on the registration button below and select the ticket under the name ITD Pecs.

This year’s challenge theme: Playfully about diabetes for children: the importance and role of the pleasure of exercise in preventing the disease. What to do if it does happen, because its development is not just up to us. How do we accept our sick peers and what can we do for them?

  • detection and diagnosis of childhood diabetes
  • screening for complications
  • difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • lifestyle factors VS genetic causes
  • eating habits
  • promotion of forms of movement
  • symptoms of diabetes
  • mastering insulin therapy playfully
  • dietary options (carbohydrate calculation playfully)
  • regular sugar measurement, keeping it in some form
  • recognition and treatment of hyper- and hypoglycemia
  • parental responsibility for a child with diabetes

Our i-Days competition will be organized ONLINE within the framework of i-Days and will take place through the ZOOM program on November 3, 2020. Thanks to the online space, we can host more teams. Thus, we are waiting for the application of 15 teams of 4 people. You can apply alone, in which case we will divide you into a team.

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Petra has an extensive sales and venture acceleration background with more than 10 years experience gained in the tech startup industry. She has been blitzscaling multiple tech startups on a European & on a global scale, working as part of the executive suite, as well as mentor and external advisor for companies with investors from i.e. BlaBlaCar and Banco Sabadell. 
She was building and leading the European Sales and Marketing unit for Verba Technologies – bootstrapping, enterprise software company – up till its successful exit of a multi-million USD (8 figures) acquisition by Verint Systems (Nasdaq: VRNT). Currently Petra is living in Stockholm, and scaling sales operations processes at FinTech Unicorn, Klarna. 
She is originally from Pecs, has a background in STEM studies at BME, and lived and drove global businesses from Hungary, England, Spain, Sweden and considers herself as a creature of the world, happy to mentor startups, and help them grow in a smart, sustainable way, with a laser focused passion for social enterprises.

Petra Kaiser


In 2020 there will be a range of i-Day formats due to Covid-19. Different locations will be piloting different approaches such as blended delivery, online delivery as well as the usual face-to-face delivery. There are 34 i-Days across Europe in 2020. Register for your local i-Day here:

Winner’s event and other gifts from EIT Health and ITD

Rewards for the top three teams:

  • 1st place team 1200 EUR (300 EUR / person)
  • 2nd place team 800 EUR (200 EUR / person)
  • 3rd place team 400 EUR (100 EUR / person)

Of course, no one can participate without a prize, so all entrants can count on some VALUABLE prize!

WINNER’S EVENT – SAVE THE DATE: Event will run from 23rd Nov to 5th Dec

• 5th Dec: Live Final Event with pitches from teams and award ceremony (prizes contributed by EIT Health)
• Current Plan – Over the 2 weeks of the event:
• Winners will have access to attend the EIT Health Summit sessions
• We plan to organise some other sessions/workshops/talks to inspire and engage winners
• We recommend you assign 1 or 2 people to mentor the winning team (a few sessions) across these 2 weeks to develop their idea
• We hope to facilitate networks across the winning teams (as they would usually experience at a face-to-face event)