The Institute
was established
in 2018

Our institute is the official partner of EIT Health Network. We are the only EIT Health Hub in Hungary covering the whole country except Budapest.
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EIT Health RIS Hub

To achieve our mission, OUR CORE VALUES include:

Intellectual openness and engagement

Flexibility of thought

Integrity and social responsibility

Fluid and fluent communication

Creativity and innovation

Collaboration and synergy

Vision and mission

Our vision is to become a leading European institution fostering the creation of new disciplines and of methodological approaches that cross and go beyond the boundaries of existing disciplines.

Our mission is to create a space that encourages, mediates and hosts exchanges not only within the academia, but also to develop, in a true transdisciplinary manner, effective communication between academia, the business sector and society. This mission will be achieved by the development of three pillars of activity:


Starting from August 2018, The Institute of Trandisciplinary Discoveries is offering up to 3 Visiting Fellowship positions, each up to 6 months duration, which are to be held at the Institute, University of Pécs, Hungary. We are now inviting proposals towards appointing these fellowships. Each application needs to propose a topic of that will bring together various disciplines, with at least some aspects touching on the current theme of the Institute: Ageing. One relevant criteria is that at least some aspect of the project should engage with existing research and studies at the University of Pécs, the oldest University in Hungary, and one of the major higher education institutes in the country, with 10 faculties, 32 clinics and a winery research facility. In the same transdisciplinary vein, we would also encourage engagement and contributions from one of the social or business stakeholders in Pécs.

Awardees are expected to give seminars on their chosen topic to students in English approximately once every 2 weeks.

Each Fellowship has a value of (€ 3,000) to cover living expenses.





dr. Attila Sik


dr. Csilla Sipeky


dr. József Szentpéteri


Alexandra Sámóczi



StarShip program – APPLY NOW!

StarShip program   Application deadline: 10 March Label: EIT Health Campus Who can apply: students, masters, PhDs who have a high interest in the health sector, and bring in a relevant background, biomedical, also from technical, engineering, economical, business, design and similar. Participants are eligible from the following countries: Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,

GE Health Venture Lab – APPLY NOW!

GE Health Venture Lab is an industry and academy backgrounded accelerator program, consists of 6 months of intensive training and coaching with 6 sprints with defined business oriented programs. Venture Lab helps to develop a product developed currently to a certain level (pls see below) and support as final aim to get into market launch. The values

A cell cycle-coordinated Polymerase II transcription compartment encompasses gene expression before global genome activation

Abstract Most metazoan embryos commence development with rapid, transcriptionally silent cell divisions, with genome activation delayed until the mid-blastula transition (MBT). However, a set of genes escapes global repression and gets activated before MBT. Here we describe the formation and the spatio-temporal dynamics of a pair of distinct transcription compartments, which encompasses the earliest gene



over 6,500 scientific citations


over 5,000 people trained by our team


over 50 international scientific and photographic awards


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ITD was established in 2018.